20/10/12: BOCC’s junior paddlers had an outstanding day of competition at the first OC6 marathon regatta held at Redcliffe today. For the newer members of the squad it was their first marathon regatta and their enthusiasm was rewarded with a day of healthy competition and fun. Our adult paddlers reported that conditions further out in the bay were some of the most challenging seen in these waters for some time, providing plenty of runners to surf and plenty of bump for our juniors.

Brisbane Outrigger works in partnership with junior coaches and paddlers from Mooloolaba OCC, Fraser Coast OCC and Burrum District OCC to give our young paddlers as many opportunities to compete as possible, particularly as some junior divisions are under-represented so early in the season. By forming composite crews consisting of kids from many different clubs, the experience of racing Buy Viagra at regattas is accessible to many more kids. Another advantage of this approach is that our young paddlers get to form strong friendships with paddlers from across a geographically large zone, helping them to form long term friendships within the paddling community and reinforcing our belief in healthy competition and respect for self and others.

While our focus is on getting out there and giving it a red hot go over winning at all costs, it is still great to see our juniors receive a tangible reward for their efforts on the water, and the Redcliffe regatta saw plenty of bling, the first ever for some of our paddlers. Well done BOCC Juniors. You’ve done yourselves and your club proud once more.

Some of BOCC’s Junior Squad showing off their ‘souvenirs’ with club member Vern Seeto.