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Look out the Silver Back is coming!


Hi Colin, Dr Frederiksen requested you wait 2-3 weeks before paddling.
ZoeCapture received the above message today.”The Gods must be Crazy” I better be a faster paddler for all this repair work not to mention the $1800 price tag. See you when they let me loose again.

Kind Regards Colin Barker

Senior Silver Back&Most Grand Imperial  Golden Master

BOCC 2014 Novice Program in full swing

It was great to see 3 novice crews out this morning (Sun 19 Oct). A big thank you to our experienced steerers Metua, Richard and Greg for coaching our newbies through the session. It’s safe to say fun was had by all and we look forward to seeing everyone back again next Sunday!

BOCC 2014 Novice Program in full swing


If you’re keen to give paddling a go, the club will be running a 2nd Come & Try Day for beginners to the sport on Sunday 26th October from 9am to 11:30am. All ages and physical abilities are welcome to give it a go.


To sign up, send an email to secretary@brisbaneoutrigger.com to register. Attendance at the session is free; all you need to is a hat, sunglasses, something you don’t mind getting wet in and sunscreen.

Adult Training Days & Times from 13th October



Just to let you know that commencing the week of 13th October, training days and times will be set as follows:



Tuesdays & Thursdays – arrive at the club at 4:30 for a 4:45am start

Saturday – arrive at the club at 5:30 for a 5:45am start



Wednesdays & Fridays – arrive at the club at 4:30 for a 4:45am start

Saturday – arrive at the club at 5:30 for a 5:45am start


See you on the water.




Pete Silversmith

BOCC Secretary

BOCC Come Try Day

BOCC Come Try Days

BOCC Come Try Day

BOCC Paddlers get ready for Ka’iwi Channel Relay

This coming weekend will be another big one for BOCC as our local paddlers get ready to compete in one of the most exciting courses on the SQ Zone Calendar, the Noosa OCC Marathon. Whilst they’re here holding up the BOCC fort, another very special group of BOCC paddlers will be tackling their own paddle demons as they prepare to compete in the World Title of OC1/2 marathon relays, the Ka€™iwi Channel Relay.

For those in the BOCC community who weren’t aware, our BOCC stars currently in Hawai’i are Benny Kapa, Danny “Toppy” Topfer, Robyn Saultry, Russ Johnson (BOCC President), Ken Gittins and Hope Grunfeld.

Toppy off the start line in the M2M

Toppy off the start line in the M2M. Photo courtesy of 808photo.me

Danny and Robyn have been in Hawai’i since April 24 with Benny and his family, in lead to Danny and Robyn’s first of many events, the Ozone/Kai Wa’€™a Maui to Molokai (M2M) (April 26). With forecasted trades assisting the 220 entered paddlers, the race and channel lived up to its reputation as being one of the best stretches of ocean to paddle in the world. Both Danny (surfski elite men) and Robyn (OC1 women 40-49) finished 1st in their respective divisions in 2hr 51min and 3hr 30min respectively.

Last Sunday (May 4) was the Hinano-Kialoa Coastal Relay held on the Island of Oahu. This time Danny, Benny and Robyn were joined by fellow BOCC paddlers Russ Johnson, Ken Gittins and Hope Grunfeld. Robyn teamed up with Hope to take out the short course (Makapuu to Magic Island) title in 3hr 28min, whilst Danny shared the relay with Gavin Grunfeld in the long course (Castle Point, Kailua Bay to Magic Island), to cross the line 5th overall in a very respectable 4hr 38mins. Benny teamed up with Cairns based paddler Steve Johnson for the short course (3hr 32mins), with Russ and Kenny making the final BOCC relay combination on the day competing in the long course (6hr 1min).

Hinano-Kialoa Coastal Relay Race Report

by Danny Topfer  


It was an interesting 50 odd km http://connect.garmin.com/activity/493368586 I did legs 1 and 3 and Gavin did 2 and 4. Leg 1 was quite good with a few bumps to chase no white caps but there was some assistance out there. Leg 3 was interesting started off nicely until off Makapu’u when we hit a strong current from the outward going tide which there seemed no escape from… some paddlers went further out to sea and others like me tried to hug the wall…. which at one point was my downfall as I came off my ski along China Wall! The last leg from Hawaii Kai to Magic Island was a slog as what little assistance there was was now directly on the paddlers backs so it was hot going. Post race there was a lot of discussion on how hard the current was pushing in leg 3 and how hot it was on leg 4.

Hope coming into the finish line of the Hinano-Kialoa Coastal Relay

Hope coming into the finish line of the Hinano-Kialoa Coastal Relay. Photo courtesy of Kanaka Ikaka Racing Association.

Now the Russ and Kenny story. The boys original plan was for Russ to do legs 1 and 3 and Ken 2 and 4 which started off fine I’m lead to believe. Where it all went to poo was at the 1st change… In the panic/confusion the boys (Gavin and Ken) parked our cars some distance away, I have to admit I was starting to get a little concerned myself as after walking for what seemed 5 minutes I could not find our car and started jogging around the streets of Lanakai scaring the locals in my full length unitard, long sleeve safety orange top, hat and thongs with paddle in hand… at least I could be seen and heard! Russ had similar issues but somewhat worse because when he got to his car he’d been parked in! However with some assistance from some nice locals he was able to get his car in a position where he could drive away, only problem was the police officer that witnessed what was going on a didn’t like what he was seeing….For some reason Russ’s new friends fled when they heard the woot woot of the police, maybe they’d been previous clients….Anyways after much discussion Russ eventually headed in Ken’s direction, only problem was Ken had been waited and gone from the 2nd change point so Russ then headed to the 3rd where he eventually met Ken and they completed their change over with the new plan of Russ finishing the race. So there was no time in spent in the HPD patrol car and we didn’t need to bail him out etc…

This weekend sees most of us heading to Molokai for the Pa’a Channel Relay on Sunday, Robyn/Jane, Ken/Russ and Steve/John will be contesting this event with Hope, Gavin and I supporting Robyn and Jane. Benny and Maria are heading back to Maui on Sunday for the Olukai race. Conditions are looking good with 15 knots from the NE predicted currently.

Paddler in Focus – Carly Butler

Carly (R) with fellow BOCCie, Wendy Coll (L)

Carly (R) with fellow BOCCie, Wendy Coll (L)

This month BOCC is profiling Carly Butler, second year outrigger canoe paddler.  She joined BOCC at the beginning of the 2012/13 season and since then has become one of BOCC’s most enthusiastic clubbies.

She has a strong technique, being very square to the canoe on her catch and straight back to her 6, said Danny Toppy Topfer, women coach.

œShe [also] loves a laugh, which is definitely required at 4:30 [in the morning], he added.

Carly was recently named in the Open Women™s crew for this years Gold Coast Cup, which is an achievement that reflects both her enthusiasm and dedication to the sport.

We asked Carly to share a few words on her recent race experience up at the Panamuna OCC Regatta, Mooloolaba, as well as tell us about her first change practice session in the ocean. Heres what she had to say:

This season has so far been an incredible experience. I started this sport two years ago with the hope in finding a sport that was both challenging and competitive and it has certainly been both and so much more.

Last Saturday (April 5), saw me competing in my first long course. I was so excited to be part of such a fantastic crew, which consisted of Emma Buosi as steerer, Hope Grunfeld, Penny Jenkins, Lisa Powers and myself. It was a bonus having Toppy step up last minute to turn our crew from Open Women’s to Open Mixed.

BOCC Master Women crews and Open 'Mixed' take off for the long course from Mooloolaba Spit

BOCC Master Women crews and Open ‘Mixed’ take off for the long course from Mooloolaba Spit

I really enjoyed paddling from the start destination (Mooloolaba Spit) to the finish line off Moffat Beach. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was extremely relieved to have seen the end orange buoy. It was also a relief to see that it wasn’t just me hurting at the end. Toppy had also said it was a difficult course with conditions against us like head winds and tides. I understood what he said but I a™m still learning about the ‘outrigging’ lingo.

Backing up from Saturday, saw us jumping back into the canoes for our first changeover paddle for the season (or for some like myself) our first ever.

I was extremely anxious about the idea of jumping out into the water with who knows what swimming around me so I made sure I studied up the night before thanks to YouTube so I knew what I was in for.

I thought we would get some practice jumping in and out of the canoes just in the shallows off shore but boy, was I mistaken!

When Toppy said we were heading for the small island off the coast from Maroochydore (Old Woman Island) I knew we would be getting straight into it. Thankfully I started the session in a canoe, so I had the opportunity of watching the expert, Emma, before I was to roll/jump into the water and with that successfully completed, I knew what was left was to get into a moving canoe.

Novice Women Crew 2012/13 at the National Marathon Titles. (L to R) Kathy, 'Mini', Val, Jenny C, Carly & Flo (kneeling in front)

Novice Women Crew 2012/13 at the National Marathon Titles. (L to R) Kathy, ‘Mini’, Val, Jenny C, Carly & Flo (kneeling in front)

The adrenalin was pumping as I jumped into the water waving my arms, visualising what I was supposed to do. Before I knew it, I was pulling myself in the most unattractive and ridiculous positions to wrangle my body into the boat. It certainly wasn’t how I envisaged getting in but I did it and got back into paddling.

For the rest of the morning I continued to maneuver my body to get into the boat as efficiently as possible. It was three hours of pure enjoyment, pain and anxiety but I came out pretty unscathed.

I had a ball and I thank Toppy and Penny for their encouragement. All in all, it was the positive support and cheers from all three crews that really gave me the boost I needed. I definitely look forward to next changeover session.

Besides a few more marathons left in the SQ Zone series, we have Gold Coast Cup, National Marathon Titles and the Gatorade Clash of the Paddles on Hamilton Island coming up and I can’t wait for the challenges that lie ahead.


BOCC’s finishing positions from April 5:

Long Course

  • Open Mixed 3rd
  • Master Women (Min) 2nd
  • Master Women (Jenny) 6th
  • Open Men 3rd
  • Master Men 3rd
  • Senior Master Men 5th

Short Course

  • Master Mixed 1st
  • Open Women 1st
  • Novice Men 2nd
  • Open Mixed 4th



Click here for the full list of results from the recent Panamuna OCC

BOCC take on Sydney: Hawaiian Airlines Sydney Harbour Challenge

Hawaiian Airlines and AOCRA held the first ever international outrigger canoe race on stunning Sydney Harbour, on Sunday 2nd March, with 93 crews competing on the day.

Teams from all over the world came, including from New York, Singapore and New Zealand, with a special men€™s team of Hawaiian Airlines employees. Teams travelled from Perth, Darwin, Cairns, the Gold Coast, Tasmania and BOCC was represented by 3 Mixed crews and a Master Women’s Crew.
Master Crew

Master Mixed — Vern (S), Deb, Ken, Russ, Moo, Wendy
Open Mixed — Liz (S), Emma, Penny, Jasmin, Owen, Phil
Master Women — Min (S), Tracey, Jill, Marianne, Lyann, Val
Master Mixed — Paul L (S), Axel, Paul W, Simone, Jody, Faye

A huge thanks for all involved to making this INAUGURAL event a reality for BOCC. Coach Topfer for prepping us. Paul Webb and Owen for towing our canoes. And Faye and Axel driving convoy, rigging and equipment. Steerers and crew members, without you it would not have happened.

Victorious Master Mixed Crew finishing 2nd in their division.

Victorious Master Mixed Crew finishing 2nd in their division.

Although the weather was gloomy, spirits were high. Tom Carroll, was Master of Ceremonies for the day’s program of events starting from Middle Harbour Yacht Club. The race start was covered by Chanel nine weather, with Hawaiian dancers and the sounding of the conch shell.

Crews paddled fiercely out of Middle Harbour, around Middle Head, over exposed ‘bombies‘, Vernon! Hugging the northern side of Sydney Harbour, passing light houses and sheer cliffs, to find the QE2 Ship, at anchor. Once rounding the stern, Sydney Harbour€™s beautiful and iconic features were on display. The race continued under the Harbour Bridge, where a COOEE was heard to echo across the fleet. The turnaround point near Luna/Bradfield Park, and then back to Middle Harbour, hand blistered and aching muscles very much having to be the order of the day!

Every BOCC crew finished in the top 9 of their division with the Master Mixed Vernon crew, hanging in with a gutsy effort, to secure second place. The conditions were very flat, The Brisbane River training, our belief in each other and fitness showed as we mowed down 4 crews in the last 5-six kilometres. Race distance was 22.98km.

Mark Forbes (AOCRA pres.) said, €œWe are convinced the Hawaiian Airlines Sydney Harbour Challenge will indeed become one of the world€™s most prestigious outrigger canoe racing events in the years to come.”

The trophy adorned with fresh leis smuggled in from Hawaii

The trophy adorned with fresh leis smuggled in from Hawaii

If you want to see the action from the day, visit Rambo’s coverage of the event on his site Rambo’s Locker.

A full list of the day’s results can also be found on Webscorer.

Special thanks to Deb Gittins, BOCC Registrar, for supplying us the account of BOCC’s attendance at the inaugural Hawaiian Airlines Sydney Harbour Challenge.