We welcome guest paddlers from other regions to join us for sessions. A guest paddler is someone who is visiting Brisbane and would like to join in for one (or a few) of our regular training sessions while in our city.

The committee asks that the following procedures be followed in relation to Guest Paddlers:

  • The guest paddler, if from overseas or another club, must contact a member of the committee to get approval to paddle with Brisbane. The committee member will notify the appropriate coach.
  • Overseas paddlers must be covered by travel insurance or can elect to pay the $60.00 AOCRA insurance levy. Australian Paddlers are covered by AOCRA.
  • All guest paddlers must sign the Insurance Indemnity form prior to taking the water – these forms are kept in the pigeon holes in the clubhouse and should be filed in the appropriate section by the coach at the session once complete.
NOTE: A guest paddler is not someone who lives/works in Brisbane and races for another club, but wishes to train in Brisbane for convenience. The AOCRA ruling is that a person can only be a member of one club – hence this person would not be permitted to train in Brisbane and be a member of another club.